Same Old

It's actually a very rare occasion for the five of us to hang out during the year because someone is either busy studying, travelling or working! Our original plan was to have sushi today but since everything is closed on Family Day, we decided to just hang out in Maddy's basement like the good ol' times... sorta... even though we were missing David from our Fab 5 group!

It's funny how two years later, our idea of fun is still the same... playing a game of Quelf and Just Dance together! Although we don't see each other as much as we would like to, we still talk to each other every single day on Facebook!!! I'm not even kidding!

Valentine's Day

It's really nice how Valentine's Day leads right into reading week! Since I only see Daniel once or every other week, given that we both go to different universities, we are trying to spend a lot of time together during the break! He came over on Friday afternoon and I found out that he enjoys baking! Okay. Not really. But he enjoys helping me stir... or so I think!!! He really enjoys eating, that's for sure!!!! We baked my favourite banana cake, watched shows and argued with each other while playing Mario Kart! He's such a sore winner. Ugh.

I saw him again the next day since it was Valentines Day! I'll be honest, this is the first time I have someone to celebrate it with! It was really nice being treated to dinner and holding hands with someone in the theatres afterwards. I mean, I could still do that with one of my girlfriends but I think that sort of intimacy can get a little weird! LOL 

Bug Out

I know that I've been mentioning in a lot of my previous posts that I'll be updating more often! I do have a lot of photos sitting on my memory card because I have been going out (+ eating out) a little too much lately but the reasons that I haven't been blogging is because I'm either: 
  • consumed with homework
  • choosing to go to yoga instead
  • choosing to keep memories to myself
  • unhappy with my photos!!! :-(


My 20th Birthday

So for my birthday this year, I didn't plan on doing anything extravagant to celebrate... besides going out for dinner with my family! However, my boyfriend and best friends wanted to do something special for me - so sweet!

Daniel and I celebrated my birthday last weekend, since Joycelyn and Camille wanted to have lunch with me on my actual birthday! The three of us ate lunch at our usual spot. They both got me presents (that were actually on my secret wish list) and bought me my favourite carrot cake!!! I was so ecstatic!!!!!! Hahaha

It still hasn't sunk in that I'm 20 years old! Holy moly!!! Literally everyone that wished me a happy birthday either welcomed me to their side... or simply told me that I was old! Like thanks fraaands! Hahaha



I finally got to hang out with my best friend, Thiya this past Sunday! Since the semester started, work and school has pretty much consumed her, so it was really nice that she wanted to hang out with me on her only day off!! We went shopping, ate sushi (I'm having sushi tomorrow too! I think I have an addiction!!!), and ended the night at Demetres! I don't know man... whoever said money can't buy you happiness obviously didn't know what to spend it on!!! So gooooooood.


Throwback Thursday: Halloween 2014

I realized I haven't blog about my Halloween yet! Here are a couple of Polaroid photos that was taken on that night. I decided to be a sailor last year after finding this costume with Jen! I suggested to Daniel that he should try finding a moon costume but he just had to match me. Ugghhh. We could've been Sailor Moon! LOL


You Know

I think eating at Spring Sushi is now a tradition for Rachel and I whenever we see each other! Although we don't see each other as much as we'd like to, we do Snapchat often to let each other know that we're alive! We just rather hold conversations in real life y'know! Now that we finally reunited today, we had a lot of stories to share! We talked and ate non-stop for more than two hours!! Are we fat or are we fat.


Carrot Cake

I barely see my best friend, Camille because she's either studying for her engineering program or visiting relatives in New York! I was so ecstatic when she told me that she's going to be home this semester for her co-op program in Toronto!!

After I got off work yesterday, Joy, Cammy and I met up for lunch at Fresh. I'm so obsessed with this restaurant right now. I really can't get over how great their carrot cake is. Like I always seem to have room for a slice, even if I'm really stuffed! I just like the texture and taste of it. Plus, it's made from all natural vegan ingredients, which makes it even more awesome! I also had to bring home a slice for my brother because we're tastebuds! Heh heh heh

It was so nice to finally catch up with them, just like the good ol' times! We were so amazed at how the three of us have been best friends since grade two! After lunch, we decided to go on a spontaneous (window) shopping spree to spend some more time together. :-)

My day ended with Daniel dropping by my place with a box of Butter Avenue's macarons!! We decided to go watch a horror movie (The Woman in Black 2) and during the movie, we kept questioning whose idea it was to watch this movie (it wasn't mine...) and came to a consensus that next time we will stick to something like... Penguins of Madagascar! LOL


Fresh off the Boat

I was going through the photos on my memory card and I realized that I ate at so many places last semester that I didn't blog about! These photos in this post were taken sometime in December when I spent the day catching up with my good ol' friend, Claudia!

We didn't get a chance to see each other much when school started since our schedules conflicted with each other, so it was really nice to finally catch up with her and hear about her new beau!! Hehehe

I remember the rain didn't stop us from having a great time shopping on Queen Street West! We were about to walk to Nadege afterwards to grab some macarons but we noticed Butter Avenue had opened up a new location from where we were!

We ended our day at Fresh off the Boat and it was so filling!! I still remember when the cashier asked us for our names for our orders, she confessed that her name was actually Cindy and she has a close friend named Claudia too!!! Freakaaay!


Blue Mountain

I just came back from my trip to Blue Mountain last week. I stayed in a little town called, Meaford and celebrated New Years Eve with Daniel and a bunch of his friends! We didn't have wifi for the week, which meant the eighteen of us actually had to interact with each other!!!! Daniel and I brought our chunky cameras when we went up there but we actually didn't use them at all. I guess it was just inconvenient lugging it around. All the photos that you see in this post is basically what I've gathered from a bunch of people's phones!

We pretty much spent the week snowboarding/skiing, exploring the village, eating at the little restaurants/cafes in our town and playing a lot of board games with each other! It was really nice getting to know Daniel's friends better and without a doubt, getting away from Toronto for a bit.

I can't believe I already have to go back to school this week. This month went by wayyy too fast! I realized how much I lacked in posting last semester due to everything that was going on. For this semester, I will try my best to post more often! Before I end this post, I just wanna say, DANIEL COPIED MY COLOUR FOR MY WINTER COAT!!!

Okay fine... it was just a mere coincidence that we both owned it before we met each other!



Goodbye 2014 and hello 2015! 
Happy new years everyone!!! All the best!
 I have a great feeling it's going to be another amazing year.


Annual Christmas Dinner

My cousin Linda hosted her annual Christmas dinner on Boxing day this year! Similar to the previous years, my Friday night basically consisted of a lot of food, a lot of cuddling, and just a lot of Christmas spirit!!

My sister in her natural habitat...

Thanks again Linda for hosting another (successful) Christmas dinner! It always gives me something to look forward to during the holidays!! :-)

Here's the one she hosted in 2012 and 2013! It's actually pretty interesting to see how my photography has evolved!


Christmas Market

Wow, I actually wanted to post this blog post earlier on this week but I've been so busy studying for my last exam that took place on Monday, hanging out with my friends before I leave for my trip next week, and attending many holiday dinners! Anyways!!! So last Friday...

Daniel and I visited the Christmas market at Distillery District!!! The last time I've visited this place was last year with my friends, Jaey and Madelle.That time when I visited, it was during the day so I didn't get to see how pretty it looked when all the lights were lit up at night!

Whenever I'm out with my friends or family, I find that I'm always tagging along behind them because I would stop every so often to take a photo!

It's actually pretty funny (and cool) dating someone who's into photography too because I find that both of us would take turns tagging along behind each other! We would also stop holding hands for a second just to take a photo of something off on the side! LOL

The downside of dating a photographer is that... I'm pretty much his model in a lot of photos. In other words, he gets to see and capture... the most unattractive angles of me!!! LOL

It was so chilly and crowded! I don't even know how Daniel managed to bump into 3 of his friends in there. (So popular... uh huh.) Like thank goodness Jessica and Jeremy also attended later in the evening (to celebrate their one year anniversary!!!), so that it looked like I had friends too!!! Hahaha

We explored the little shops together, shared a poutine, had hot drinks, took a lot of photos and pretty much froze outside together!!! How romantic. LOL

He also has his own photography page, Eye to Ngai, so we thought it was only appropriate that he took a photo with this eyeball that we found in a shop!! LOL

Overall, it was a really great evening! To end this post, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!! xx