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9 Years Later...




Jen and I literally have this friendship where we would go months without speaking to each other but then when we do see each other, our friendship just picks up from where we left off!

After three months of not seeing each other, we finally met up last Friday and hung out at Kensington market. We explored the little shops there in hopes of finding a Halloween costume for me! I was so close to purchasing an Alice in Wonderland costume but decided to give it a bit more thought. We ate at the Burgernator and thought about whether or not I should go forward and purchase it!

Since the night was still young, we decided to go hunt some more because there was always the option of going back to my original idea if I couldn't find anything. Before we continued hunting again, we went and got a double scoop of strawberry cheesecake gelato at Dolce Gelato! LOL

We eventually found a costume outside of Kensington market that fit the both of US!!! It's funny how Jen was just trying on costumes for fun with me since she already had a costume and we somehow liked the way this one fit on us! Long story short, we're going to be the same thing for Halloween this year but we're going to different parties so it's all good!!! :-)

Although we don't see each other as much as we like to, it's always comforting to hear that she is still doing well when we catch up! I actually can't believe this was the last time I blogged about us hanging out!!


Fall Maker Day

For those who don't know what I'm studying, I'm currently studying to be an elementary teacher! I'm still so grateful that I got accepted into the concurrent program, which means I get to do a double major and complete my undergrad and teaching degree at the same time!

With that said, the other major that I'm studying is Digital Media, it's a fairly new program at my school and it's fairly small as well!

So after my last lecture yesterday, my friend Diego and I checked out the event, Maker Day, that my program was hosting! It's basically an event that happens twice a year, where we would invite our school community to come by and build DIY gadgets!

I'll admit, it was actually my first time attending one of my program's events... but I know I'll be attending all of them now since the council asked me to be their photographer this year!!! My friend Denise told me that they wanted to claim me before anyone else does! So sweet! Hahaha

It was nice bumping into some of the upper year students that I met last year at this event! They offered me advice on how to survive in my program (like which professors I should avoid having) and free tutoring as well!

It was also nice having my friend Diego accompany me because while I went around snapping photos, he helped me finish my lantern! Woo hoo!! LOL

The best part about making these toys is that we get to keep them in the end, but that was not the only thing people took advantage of....

free Red Bulls!!! LOL


Break from Toronto

Since I'm so used to being the person behind the camera, it felt really weird having someone insist that they wanted to take portraits photos of me instead! Photo credit goes to my friend, Daniel!

My Batman Pumpkin

For this year, we had the Thanksgiving dinner at my house! To entertain my little cousins, Eli and Ethan, my sister and I bought them pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns and yeah... they weren't really into tracing the stencils, scooping out the seeds... or carving them! LOL

My cousin and I ended up doing everything, while they just sat there looking cute and supervising us! On the bright side though, they were willing to pose for photos for us!!! Hahaha

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



So ever since I left my summer job, Rachel and I have been keeping in touch with each other through Snapchat! We realized that it wasn't the same interacting over an app so we decided to plan a sushi date to catch up! We spent two hours talking non-stop yesterday about everything that has happened since school started and it made me realize how much I missed seeing her everyday at work, the fun sleepovers we had, and the late nights we spent at her downtown condo! We also discussed a possible collaboration, since she's in the fashion design program and I'm into photography ...and I'll just leave it at that for now!!

If you can't tell already, I'm currently obsessed with this coat from Asos, my plan is to basically exhaust the heck out of this coat before it gets too cold for it!!


Zero to Hundred

I honestly cannot believe how quickly the school year is going by!! I swear, two weeks ago, Jessie was just mentioning in our Facebook group chat about her birthday plans and now, her birthday is already celebrated!

So last night, Jessie's hosted her 19th birthday in Yorkville at Ciao Wine Bar! We all ate some authentic Italian food and drank some good wine, before making our way to Proof Vodka Bar to drink some more!

 'Cause y'know, there's no better way to celebrate your legality than by taking advantage of the drinking age! Hehehe

It was so great reuniting with all of my high school friends and at the same time, getting to know Jess' new friends, Melanie and Lindsay! Melanie and I were already following each other on Instagram but it was our first time meeting each other in real life! She urged me to keep pursuing photography and expressed how much potential she saw in me! Too sweet!!

As for Lindsay, I immediately got such a great vibe from her! We quickly bonded over the fact that we both work as receptionist and laughed about the struggles we had to deal with! LOL

Speaking of Jess' great friends, I still can't believe that I still have these great people in my life!!!! Like would you believe me if I told you that Jess, Jeremy, Maddy and I still talk to each other every single day in that Facebook group chat that we created when prom ended last year?!

Despite the fact that we each go to a different University? They've literally become the first people I run to now when I have any news or complaints to share!!

I hope you had a wonderful time Jessie because you are honestly one of the greatest people I cherish so much. Love you!!


4 Years Later

Although I did not complete as much homework as I had planned to, I still consider it as a weekend well spent!!! I found a birthday present for my close friend Jessie, lost my Burger Priest virginity, and revisit Medieval Times!!

The first time I went there was four years ago with my sister, her boyfriend and my best friend, Joycelyn! And you won't believe it, I actually found the blog post of the time I went!! You could check it out right here! Susan, Ryan and I decided to visit this place again because we wanted to take my cousin, Linda and her boys, Ethan and Eli this time!

Plus, Linda and Ethan's birthday just passed and there's no better way to get recognition on your birthday than having the King announce it to all the lords and ladies during the tournament! Hehehe

"Mom, let's go in!!!!!!"

It was so nice being seated in the first row and having a great view of the knights jousting!

Ethan and Eli were lovin' every minute of it. It was so cute watching them cheer and wave their banners in the air! Apparently when their mom started cheering along, Eli looked at her and mimicked his Kindergarten teacher, "You have to settle down." I cannot. LOL

We also dined like barbarians and received a slice of cake for their birthdays! Oh! And complimentary group photos too!!

On the car ride home, Eli gave me a big smile (with his two missing front teeth) and mumbled, "I willy had fun!!"and then proceeded to wack me with the sword I bought him! As we got closer home though, he grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it, which pretty much made my heart melt and forget the fact that he tried shoving the sword up my nostril. LOL

Overall, it was a great day spent with my favourite kids and cousin... and sister.. and ok, maybe Ryan too! :)